I was doing nothing on the beach for two weeks and I'm back to life where I do what I want. Yes, I iron my man's clothes & cook some of his meals...and I do much more - yet the point is I do what I want. 

Living life on your terms requires a few sacrifices when another is involved. Sharing life & love with another can be a blessing when you focus on the servitude of BE*ing in relation to that which you say you want. It is a balancing act of self awareness & vulnerability. 

As an introverted extrovert, I enjoy being the life of the party as long as I don't have to always be there... Going out can be much for a sensitive empath, especially when I'm making attempts to be self-preserving. Then they say I must go out in order for people to know I'm out there...what pressure!? 

The point of this rant is this...I pledge to do more for business online even as creating in the lab, because when I'm outside people want to know- 

Making jewels & balancing chakras through reiki energy, crystal color therapy & body movement, sourcing dope vintage, and watching the planets orbit is what I adore. 

Let's BE* in JOY together, with first knowing JOY within! 

Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter is focused on emancipation, truth, & expansion...

What does that mean for the next six months of 2017? 

This is the work. 

July is a #7 Month in a #1 Year, which means this Full Moon in Sagittarius ignites a critical review of where we have been and where we intend to go, like REALLY! 

We are currently seeking answers and making attempts to establish a philosophy in which to live whilst lifting the veil of the past. CLARITY is happening, allow it. 

Yes, its painful yet what we desire oftentimes requires overcoming a few challenges. We can do this. We have access to the greatest power in The Universe, all we need to do is deal with the darkness to access the light. Try going with the GOOD feeling energy and see what happens. 

We are wanting to spend time alone analyzing our subconscious thoughts to promote an elevated way of being in community when we do venture outdoors. 

We realize our role in relation to other humans and finally, we see infinite possibilities. 

We are now practicing the routines created for our well-being and The Universe will show out if you believe it will. Work-out with a bit of this extra energy to release tension, it'll shed those extra April pounds. 

Our dreams are premonitions of the future if we have faith and do the work.  

This LIFE thing is turning out to be full of more joyful moments because we are looking for them. 

It hasn't always been beauty & delight...this took work. Let's enjoy the rewards of what we have sown and feel the gratitude of it all happening.  

Continue on this journey with me - its getting GOOD now and : ) and I MUST share these GEMS!

LOVE Ya'll

*Ebonie Simone*