Good day World, sharing LOVE & Light with one another is the best way to stay removed from the ills of society. 

What ills you say? Whatever makes you feel hopeless, doubtful of your place on this Earth, and retreating from your given gift. 

Jah Jah showed us that we are everything and nothing all at the same time. How can this be? What does that mean to the definition of me? 

It means that we are fragile but important parts to the larger picture (if you can see that far). We all play our part and just because we don't know/understand, doesn't mean we don't play an important role. 

((( Know Your Role, Play Your Position )))

Breathing is vital to the survival of man, do we need to think to breath? No we just breathe, it's preprogrammed. Actually its not even the brain that directs such operations, it has been proven that the spinal column controls such operations. 

This is the same with life, we don't have to know, we have to just BE*...and trust that by BE*ing, we're playing our part in a celestial opera that we may never get to see fully harmonize. 

Seeing is for the vain, believing is for the bravehearted, when you're feeling that you are right in yourselves, the universe worries about the rest. 

The you you've BE*en created to BE* is a beautiful thing to behold.

Can't wait to see ya'll ---- #ExaltTheGodWithIN