Flip Flop

I'm going to the beach...part of me wants to be nonchalant about it, however we are in the midst of a health pandemic. I should probably stay home. I cant help but to think, "This fear is what 'they' want!!!" I could tell you who 'they' are...yet if you don't already know _ I may not either...

I'm using all the energy in my body to create at every moment I can. 

Being a Mother, I sometimes think I 'should', 'should', 'should', yet I must get away from that word. 

Well, I've used my arm energy taking pics and finishing off a piece for the new collection. I made an awful dinner tonight, because my heart wasn't in it. I mean, my heart was in it...I simply didn't make it with love. I made it, because I felt like I had to. When I get into a creative zone, it gets DEEP. hahahahahahaha. I'm falling asleep now. May you do more of what brings you joy. 

Its Tupac's bEarthDay. 

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